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well my real name is Billy, i have a grand prix gt but had a l67 swap done and im running 13.2's on shitty street tires. iv'e been waitin for this camaro to come out for some quite time now. i plan on getting it as my graduation gift to myself. so ya know. always loved the f-body's but just couldnt get one as my firstr car.
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Howdy. I don't mind the language (hence why its not filtered) but I am going to edit "****" out of the thread title, LOL.
no problem, ill make sure i use this Sh*t next time :) I said, I don't care other than the thread titles show up on the homepage. There are filtered words but **** isn't one of them :D

BTW, I wanted to ask how you found this site?
Welcome, and sweet car!
:hello: welcome!
well i found this thru just trying to show my g/f ( thats tired of me talking abotu this car already) some pics and i came across a 5th gen forum link and im like. " oh look kellie ( g/f) there are 326 other obsessed people just like me" and i joined and cant wait. im glad im sorta the first wave of ppl, so i can put some history in and get some respect. haha. has like 30k members and it's insane. a lot of active members.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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