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I have ordered a 2SS Camaro Black/Black
RS/SS package
6 speed manual transmission, LS-3 422HP motor.

1. Do we have any performance options we can order? I wanted a short throw Hurst shifter. Headers, and increased air flow intake.

2. Have you folks ordering one have any paper work? I have a $1000 deposit receipt.

3. Has the issue of the polished 20" mags with the R/S package been solved? I wasn't changed by Thursday.

4. My dealer said I would be getting my car in late Feb. or early March....LOL!!! How about your order?



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1. Yes, the Hurst shifter should have been on your order's a dealer installed option. Shorty headers, cat back exhust and a CAI will all be available...but are "over the counter" accessories, so dealer installation will be extra (as far as I know).

2. I was given a print out from the "GM order workbench" with an order #.

3. Polished wheels w/ RS will be available...just probably not in the "system" yet.

4. no one knows for sure.

you can update/change your order (until mid-december from what I've heard) not to worry.
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