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New Camaros on the road by Christmas

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It looks like the new Camaro will be prowling the streets by Christmas 2006, but not on any roads in the USA. GM Holden will have hand built prototypes will be on roads in Australia for testing very soon.

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald - Joshua Dowling

The modern-day version of the 1960s American muscle car, the Chevrolet Camaro, will be on local roads before Christmas.

But you won't be able to buy one just yet: the cars will be handbuilt prototypes that Holden and a team of US engineers are developing for General Motors in Detroit ahead of the car's North American release in early 2008.

Following the success of the Holden Monaro export program (the Australian-made coupe was sold as a Pontiac GTO in the US), the team at Holden is leading the final design, engineering and development of the Camaro.

However, the new Camaro will not be made in Australia. GM has confirmed it will be built in Canada from late next year.

Denny Mooney, the boss of Holden, told Drive this week: "We are building prototype Camaros right now. We should see some on the roads before Christmas."

GM's highly regarded Korean-born designer, Sang Yup, has been working alongside Holden designers in Melbourne to transform the car from concept to reality.

The Camaro was unveiled at the Detroit motor show last January and American enthusiasts instantly demanded it be built.

Holden is closely linked to the program because the Camaro shares underpinnings with the new Commodore.

At this stage there are plans to build the Camaro only as a left-hand-drive for North America but the Holden boss is on record saying he would like to sell the car in Australia.

Drive understands Holden has conducted a study on whether the car - were it to be sold here - should be called a Chevrolet Camaro or wear a Holden badge. The verdict: Chevrolet Camaro was the preferred option, given the awareness of the name from the 1970s 80s thanks to racers such as Bob Jane and Kevin Bartlett and the muscle car scene of the time.

Meanwhile, Holden seems close to finalising a deal to export its flagship Commodore sports sedan, the SS-V, to the US as a Pontiac Grand Prix. Holden says it cannot confirm whether the deal has been approved but Mooney says he has a "good feeling about it".

Industry insiders have told Drive that GM in the US is close to making the announcement and may be saving the news for the Chicago motor show in February.

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This is pretty big news. I'm looking forward to seeing some shots of the pre-production cars. Will give us our first idea of how much different from the concept the real thing will be.
I must admit I'm a bit uneasy with the Australian
design connection. I'm hoping they don't get distracted like the GTO exercise. Awesome mechanicals just very
weak design cues.

This time there is a prototype from which they will be working and hopefully very strong guidelines from which they won't be able to stray.

Looking forward to seeing the preproduction units.
Based on some info in the article, it looks like production may start at the end of 2007 instead of 2008 as reported earlier...
I thought the design was done as well but the following quotes lead to me believe maybe not so much. :BangHead:

the team at Holden is leading the final DESIGN, engineering and development of the Camaro

GM's highly regarded Korean-born designer, Sang Yup, has been working alongside Holden DESIGNERS in Melbourne to transform the car from concept to reality
Can't wait the sooner the better i think it will be in the dealers lots in 2008.
trip to australia :roxor:
I'm beginning to think that article saying the Camaro will be available for sale in early 2008 is an error...
I think there might be errors in the article, cuz it certainly still seems that production will start as announced in late 2008 for MY2009.

But yeah, alot of development is going on in Australia!
Do we have any members here from Australia equipped with digital cameras? :D
trip to australia :roxor:
Good luck :D
These test mules may be just Camaro chassis/powertrain setups on every day car bodies...
that is true!
I would think that the first mules might just be testing VE drivetrain and suspension components, maybe some electronics too.
That being said, these first mules will probably be regular VE production cars.
ie Commodore and other current Holden models.
guess what i saw at work today!!
A convertible :D
an offficial 2007 release date?

waiting? What did you see??:BangHead:
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