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New Cen Cal member

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I'm Daniel from the central coast of CA. I usually hang out on TGO in the No.Cal sub forum (and the forum)under the same screen name. My wife really wants a 5th gen and we both were pleased with the concept version in the Transformers movie. I'm not sure if we'll be able to afford one right away, but after we get a larger garage, we'll make it happen.:rotflmao:

This is my '88 IROC with the 5.7/700R4/9bolt with 3:27 posi rear
I've done a few mods to the intake components, removed the restrictive exhaust components as well as the A/C, rear seats, & jack/spare. I replaced the steel hood with a Harwood 3" cowl hood. I'd like to rebuild the tired 200k= motor some day and shave the entire car wieght to 3000 lbs or less. The future holds big plans if I can ever finish my '54 5 window Chevy truck!:BangHead:
I look fwd to learning anything I can about the new F body and hope Chevrolet doesn't go broke before they put a few out!
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Welcome! Great looking IROC! :thumbsup:
welcome and gotta love the IROC's!!!
Welcome, nice car:cool:
Welcome man and clean IROC you have there!
Hello and welcome to the site great looking Camaro.:hello:
Welcome from Utah!
Welcome aboard Daniel, cool lookin HotRod you have there.

1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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