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New for Cobalt & HHR in 2009

Reprogrammable Performance Display HHR SS Turbo & Cobalt SS Turbo Coupe

Displays real-time performance measures for a variety of performance attributes.

Mounted in A-Pillar for Cobalt SS (replaces boost gage) and in top center tray position in HHR SS.
Cobalt SS Turbo Sedan
A Cobalt SS Turbo Sedan model joins the family that has all the same great features of the SS Turbo Coupe model.
Brembo Front Brakes
Standard Cobalt SS Turbo
Optional for HHR SS Turbo Passenger & Panel models
HHR SS Turbo Front Performance Seat Set
Moves from being an optional DRIVER only performance seat for 2008 HHR SS to a STANDARD driver and passenger for 2009. This also allows a dealer to offer a light gray seat insert trim which was not available for 2008. (Early August SOP)
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