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I think we have already heard most of this but this summarizes it,view.spy?artid=90156&pg=2

With the UAW deal that went through last week, GM had to list product commitments for their 16 U.S. plants. This breakdown reveals some interesting information about upcoming products. Here's a summary of that list:

The Lucerne will continue on until 2010. A sedan based on the Epsilon platform will begin sometime in 2009. The Enclave will be offered until 2011 in its current form before a 2012 redesign.

The DTS will be produced until 2010, but future plans haven't been announced. The Escalade will continue in its current form until 2012, and will be redesigned for 2013. The STS and SRX continue at least until 2009. The XLR continues in its current form until 2011, and a replacement will begin in 2012. The just-redesigned CTS sedan will spawn coupe and wagon variants in 2009.

The current Cobalt coupe and sedan will carry on until 2010, and the sedan will then be revamped using the Gamma platform. The Corvette goes largely unchanged until 2011, and will be redesigned for 2012. A Chevrolet version of the Lambda crossovers (Enclave, Acadia, Outlook) should appear next year. A new crossover based on the Theta platform might replace the Equinox in 2011. The Camaro will be on sale next year as a 2009 model and will be built in Canada.

The full-size pickups and SUVs (Avalanche, Silverado, Suburban, Tahoe) will carry on until 2012, and their replacements will in appear for 2013. The Colorado pickup will continue through 2011. The Express will go on until 2012, when GM will re-evaluate demand for it before deciding on its future.

The electric Volt is scheduled for a 2010 introduction. A global-market Chevrolet based on the Epsilon platform (Aura, Malibu, G6) will appear in 2012. A new large four-door sedan will begin in 2010, and rumour has it that the next Impala will return to rear-wheel drive.

The Sierra and Yukon will be redesigned in 2013. The Canyon will be sold through 2011 before a new model appears for 2012. The Acadia crossover will be offered up until 2011 before a 2012 makeover. The Savana will be sold up until 2012, while GM will think about if it should pursue its career.

The H2, which is based on GM's GMT900 full-size platform, might get a redesign around 2013. The H3 might spawn a pickup version called the H3T before a redesign in 2011.

The current G5 coupe and sedan continue until 2010. The G6 will be sold through 2013, although it should get a redesign during that time. The Solstice will carry on until 2012. A Theta-based crossover might replace the Torrent in 2011.

The Aura will continue in its current form until 2011, and will get a redesign. Another sedan based on the Epsilon platform will be introduced in 2009. The new Outlook will be offered until 2011 before an overhaul. The Sky roadster will continue until at least 2012.

More new models

In 2009, GM will launch a 7-passenger multipurpose vehicle based on the Delta platform, but it might only be exported to other markets.

In 2011, two body styles based on the Zeta platform will be added to the General's portfolio; they will be full-size vehicles and will be rear-wheel drive. That same year, two mid-size, rear-drive body styles based on the Alpha platform will also appear.

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haha good catch. I think they ment go on sale early 09. They might be thinking late 08 as well being they will start producing them around october I think.
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