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New Jersey F-Body Owners Association

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Hi Everyone,

New here and I figured I would introduce myself and my home club. I am the president and a co-founder of the New Jersey F-Body Owners Association. We are a highly active 2000+ member club. We have monthly meets as well as smaller gatherings going on all over the state on a weekly basis.

We are also planning our first ever open track day at New Jersey Motorsports Park open to all of our members.

Our biggest annual event is the East Coast F-Body Nationals. This is our anniversary meet, held every August, at Island Dragway in Great Meadows, NJ. The East Coast Nats feature a huge car show, competitive drag racing, goodie bags, and pletny of trophies and prizes to go around.

We are open to everyone and do not discriminate against those not lucky enough to live in the garden state or who have not had the pleasure of owning an F-body. Feel free to stop by the site and sign up. We are an enthusiast club and we don't have dues, it is all free to enjoy as you please.
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Welcome from Alabama ...........Can i join?
Yup. We have members from Michigan, Florida, Cali, all over the place.

My name is Bam, i am starting a car magazine based on 3rd gen Camaro & Firbirds (82-92)
Pls feel free to contact me for further details.

[email protected]
Proud to announce that the NJFBOA has crushed the 2100 member mark and we are growing strong.

Looks like we could have a few big events to start talking about soon as well as our great forums and monthly get togethers. I hope everyone will take a moment to visit the NJFBOA forums and join in the discussions.

Remember, we are not f-bod snobs, they are just our favorite. Everyone is welcome as long as they are into the hobby.
Hey everybody,

Just wanted to bump this back into the spotlight a little as we have announced the plans for our 5th anniversary meet. All are welcome to come out and join in the fun of the 2009 East Coast F-Body Nationals. Check out the East Coast Nats forum at for all the latest info and discussion.
WOOO Garden State!!!!!!
Fast approaching 2200 members and we are adding more to the site and events all the time. Feel free to join in the fun :)
That site sucks! j/k
We are sponsors on there as well, user name mc73nova if you need anything, it is a good site and I would like to see some more 5th gens on there. :thumbsup:
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