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New member from Jacksonville, NC

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Found this site while looking for info on the 5th Gen Camaro. I can only imagine the membership count after GM releases the new beast.

I'm a retired Marine, (22 years infantry). I currently work at the Base Education Center aboard Camp Lejeune.

My Toy

Semper Fi
Rick :patriot:
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welcome & thanks for your help

Rick - Erik English here (HM1 English)

I'm here at CLNC also & I'm sure that in the last 2 years of applying for tuition assistance, you've helped me somewhere along the line & I say "Thank you" with true appreciation. Sorry to tell you though, I WILL be the FIRST ONE on base with the new monster once it hits the streets, so don't try to get in front of me in line at the dealership!!!!!!!:patriot:
Hey Rick, welcome from a fellow NC'er....i'm in thw west over in Wilkesboro, but I lived in the Kinston/Greenville area up until 10 months ago, and I've got family down in Swansboro...this is a great forum you came to, oh and you've got a sweet 2nd gen too!! Have you been over to and Anyway welcome aboard!


Sweet ride.

Sweet 2nd Gen! :thumbsup:

And thanks for serving our great country! :patriot:
Welcome aboard Devil Dog. Did my SOI there back in 96 during that hurricane that hit that year. I still remember vividly a whole company online picking up debris and taking trash out of the barracks in that strong ass wind. Any way welcome aboard.
Awesome car, man! Welcome!
Oorah!! Devil Dog!!

I was over in Camp Johnson back in 99. I loved it!! I remember the day I was supposed to check-in. I missed my flight here in Miami so I had to get one leaving to Kinston. What a tiny airport it was. And then I had to take a cab all the way to Kacksonville. Thank God I made it in time lol...

Sweet ride!! Semper Fi!!:roxor:
Nice ride Marine! Mine are <<----- Welcome to the forum. This in my opinion is the best place to get info on the new Camaro.

Sgt Rice
Thanks everybody for the comments on my HotRod.

I'm glad that this site was formed, I've read more info about the 5thGen Camaro on this site, than any other place I've searched.

It will be interesting to see what model they will produce, powerplant, and price.

When I get the chance to buy one, it will be my everyday driver parked far away from everybody else.

Man that car is sick!! What goodies does she have?
I see im not the only one from Jacksonville! You go to Jersey Mikes on saturdays ever?
I see im not the only one from Jacksonville! You go to Jersey Mikes on saturdays ever?
I use to cruise around actionville and park there, it has been awhile since I've did that.

Welcome aboard, Rick! :patriot:

as stated...beautiful 2nd gen. :roxor:

and yes, a big thank you for your service to our great nation and to the world. :D
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