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Hi guys, I signed up a week ago doing some research on the 2010 Camaro. My name's Kevin and I reside in the suburbs on Washington D.C.

I took interest of this car when i saw a silver concept at the DC auto show back when the Shelby GT500 was being shown as well. My family has owned GMs, so I am quite familiar with them.

I am a gearhead myself, and took a liking for the imports recently. I've got a change of heart with the fwd 4cyls and need to get back to my roots. Depending on how the 2010 Camaro holds up the first year and if the Z28 is priced in line with the Mustang GT, then the opportunity knocks for me.

Here's a pic of my two recent cars:

Here's a pic of my first car handed down from my father:
Had a bad experience with this 3.8 v6...
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