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Shout out to all, thanks for all the latest info on what i hope will be my next new ride!! I've been traveling all week heading back home to milw. i may need a shovel to did out my car at the airport 1 foot or more from what i've heard. 6 different city's in 2 weeks
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Welcome! We got hammered here a couple of days ago too. 9-14 inches of wet snow!
Hello and welcome to the site.:hello:

Do what we do on our lot..... LET IT MELT!

20" of snow - YUK! :roxor:
Welcome aboard!
Hey & welcome.

:hello: Welcome to the site.

welcome from 1 new guy to another.

Even though in NY it hasn't really been too bad of a winter (after December, anyway)...I can't wait for spring!:BangHead:

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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