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There is now an easy way to spread the word about!

The NEW Member Cards! :thumbsup:

What do you do with these?

Easy - whenever you're talking to someone about Camaros or cars in general, pass along a card!

Or even better - if you see a new Camaro parked somewhere, leave a card on it!
(please use care and respect when placing cards on someone else's car)

Or best yet - notice someone around with a new Camaro?
Talk to them and hand them a card!

There's even a place on the card to leave your screen name so they know who invited them. :)

You can use the attached PDF or Word Document (requires Word 2007) to print them out yourself.
They will work with any standard business card stationery, or you can even use regular paper and cut them out. :)

The first 70 people to show interest in this thread will receive 50 of these cards FREE! :thumbsup:
(Allow about 4 weeks, I've only just ordered them today)
Post in this thread if you're interested (please do not send a PM) and I will keep a running list. :)

2. demonspeed
3. bamaproshop *
4. Kitty
5. cigam21
6. Speed Kills
7. SS-Eric
9. OceanChevy
10. shawnm3
11. Chief Mojo
12. JoSSh *
13. RSinMaine
14. mphoob
15. daddytoo21
16. TX SS
17. "prima"Donna
18. petman
19. Agamemnon
20. Dark SS *
21. Orange5thGen *
22. svtjackal *
23. [email protected] *
24. Camaro Scotty *
25. Trott
26. HP junkie
28. cam17aro
29. sciCamaro
30. HeatherMarie2LT
31. 54inches
32. little_bank_robber
33. louperrault
34. CamaroMayhem
35. Paul R
36. Dreammy
37. dcoates
38. 80s Adam
39. CamaroSSMan
40. dragom
41. CCC
42. sergecampeau
43. Jagger10
44. SS112
45. lordkane99
46. Camaros4Life
47. hypurone
48. ARB69Z
49. arober68
50. Jekyll-N-Hyde
51. el ess X
52. 01pewterz28
53. SgtDarkness
54. Morpheus
55. Pro Street
56. iLLaDeL_LyriKaL
57. brandi576
58. Lydon
59. The Snoopster
60. CyCam1


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I'm in

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oh oh oh if you could send some out this direction i'll try to get more albertan's on board

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I don't get out that much, but I do go down to Scottsdale Pavillions (they have a car gathering every Saturday) once in a while. I know that the 'other' popular site, or some of it's members at least, have done this card thing for a while. But, any time some one talks to me about my Camaro and seems to show intrest in the car I point them over here anyway, so it would be usefull to keep in the glove box.

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I am very interested. Great idea.

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I have interest in this

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Please include me in the list!! Would love to be able to hand some of the cards out on the base...not sure if the Navy would be able to read them though.:lol:

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You know you can print these out also.... If you have card stock paper it will work alot better.....I will print me a few sheets until my cards come in :thumbsup:

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I'm in sir!

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I'm in, Very. Am wondering if you can get them to me by 5/15 so I can distribute them at Camaro day, Indianapolis Motor Speedway. There will be 100 Camaro's!!
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