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MTI Racing in Marietta, GA has been on the leading edge of performance products for the new 2010 Camaro. The first product we developed for the Camaro was the "Six Shooter Shifter".

We'd like to express our gratitude to all the customers who have purchased the shifters and all the kind words about how we "Got it right". Your words have spurred us on and it is the best testament to MTI's and my personal goal of always exceeding your expectations.

MTI Racing would like to introduce UUC Motorwerks with whom we have been working to develop this incredible shifter that cures the problems of the stock unit and makes driving the car a joy.

To help answer any technical questions you may have about the MTI Racing "Six Shooter Shifter" we have been utilising the engineering expertise of UUC Motorwerks.

Recognised as the world leader in BMW shifters, UUC Motorwerks has been a manufacturer of quality BMW products for years and has used their extensive manufacturing and engineering expertise to build the "Six Shooter Shifter" for MTI Racing and the 2010 Camaro. This new shifter is available now for the manual transmission V8 cars. Development is complete and production is going on for the V6 Camaro's as well.

Also, a full line of direct fit shift knobs will be available soon that retain the stock shift boot and remove the final problem with the factoy shift assembly. The entire line of parts are on our web-site and available immediately at Do peruse the web-site and let us know how we can make your CAMARO driving experience a more enjoyable one.

Finally, thanks to Rob and Arjun at UUC Motorwerks for all of their help.
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