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NEW! P13W High Powered Plasma LED Bulbs for RS Camaro! Now in Stock!

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These 4W High Powered LED Bulbs Feature an Aluminum Heat Sink Housing instead of the Traditional PCB. Aluminum has better Heat Dissipation Properties and much Higher Durability when compared to PCB.

The Plasma Type LEDs have an increased Surface Area for Output that can not be matched by other LED Bulbs!

One thing you will immediately notice is that the plug is detached from the actual bulb, this is because we put a voltage regulator in that cavity to prevent any damage from voltage spikes or other electrical issues.

Main Benefits:

- 2x Brighter Output
- Better Heat Dissipation
- Higher Luminous Flux
- Longer Life LEDs
- Aluminum Housing
- Built-In Regulator
- New Aesthetically Pleasing Design

Just $99 for forum members!

Here is the link:
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Any pics installed on a car?
Hot mine put in and they look awesome. Have had lots of compliments! Thanks AAC!!

Received mine today, installed, work beautifully!!! here are some pics:

a little side by side comparison to stock bulbs:

halos on with lights:

on with HIDS:
I too have had a set for 2 months already ..All I can say they are awesome I will post photos tonight from the Duel in the Desert last October!! And no problems so far very heavy duty and look!! Speaks fo it self!!

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Starting my quest in banishing all amber/orange from this car. My stealth
bulbs for the turn signals arrive soon and at some point I'll order the body
paint matched sidemarkers from AAC also, but for now the first lighting
mod on my Camaro, AAC's Plasma white LED bulbs.

Got them here:

These are for RS trim Camaros only.

The bulbs are an easy install and they twisted into the DRL housing just
fine. The other end of the bulbs on mine didn't click into the wiring
harness that normally plugs into the back of the stock bulbs, but they
snug in pretty well and should be just fine. I also zip tied the extra wiring
to the wires leading to the sidemarker just to get them up and out of the
way so they're not just hanging there swinging.

These things are nice and bright white, they look so much better than the
stock bulbs. Jonathan at AAC got them out to me in a hurry too, much
thanks for that! They lived up to my expectations from everything I've
read about the company and they're great to deal with.

Anyway, here's a couple photos of the bulbs. I don't have a harness yet
that lets me run them with the halos, but that's on the list as well.
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You will need a harness, but you can get the ones from AAC and they work just fine for about 10 bucks.
Got the new plasma bulbs in and man, are they nice! A few pics:

Installed my plasmas the other day. Here's a couple of pics comparing the original P13W's to the Plasma. I think the plasmas have slightly less blue tint to them. I haven't yet decided whether they are brighter or not. Can't really tell in this daylight picture. AAC has great customer service--around a week or less from my mailing to them and receiving the new ones back. First pic is the original P13W's, second pic is the plasmas.

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Here's a photo of my Car in the new Issue of Camaro Performers Magazine in the lead with the New P13 Plasma lights......Taken Last October on the I-10 on the way to the Duel in the Desert at the Super Chevy Show!!!
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Here is my car, Yellow one with P13 Plasma bulbs, center car belongs to Cooper3000 and far left car to TJ both of whom are from Tucson. They stopped by to say Hi on the way to meet the AZ All Gen Camaro club for a ride to the London Bridge.
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Any pics installed on a car?
Think that about covers it, if you need more pics let me know :D :thumbsup:
Cool...I just happen to have that issue of the're car is famous :thumbsup:
Cool...I just happen to have that issue of the're car is famous :thumbsup:
Very Cool :D
what is the option DRL connector wiring for 10 bucks? what does that do?
I am curious too. I ordered mine last week. Is this all I am going to need ? or am I going to weed the Fieldgoal Harness too?
what is the option DRL connector wiring for 10 bucks? what does that do?
That allows your DRL to stay on when you turn on your headlights or halos. :thumbsup:
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