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New parts on the way!!

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Well after a deal n a Fiero went sour I decided to take the money that I had gotten to get the Fiero and now am spending it on my Z28. Aside from my other mods (All Free mods, lid, True duals, LCA's, SFC's, Poly bushing's all around) I am getting a strange 9 inch rear with a 3.70 gear, UMI adj PHR, UMI adj Torque arm, STB, LT headers, MS4 Cam with dual springs and hardened pushrods (TSP cam kit), 36-3800 yank lock up stall (haven't decided yet will let Yank put me in the right one), beefing up the trans, A good dyno tune from my local LS tuner, DR's, and going ahead and putting the 150 shot on it.

I don't know what to quite expect from this set up I conservatively estimated close to 500 RWHP on spray, and hoping for at least low 11's. I have seen/heard/read higher HP numbers and 10's like this but I'm not going to count on it. Aiming for 11's anything over that is gravy. Comming from a horrible wheelspinning 13.2 (2.10 60 ft) to 11's will feel like a rocket ship in comparison.

Oh and as of next monday it will no longer be my DD :).
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Very nice!
Man, that's quite a list, you're not messin around!

The 9 inch won't let you down, that's for sure.
UMI makes awesome suspension components, I've been impressed by their work.

11s are fun! :cool:

Good luck with it all, sounds like a fun modfest for ya! :thumbsup:
Unexpected expenses aren't too uncommon, alot of us have been there.

Sounds like a fun build up, keep us posted on the progress! :)
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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