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New rear speakers!!

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Well a couple years ago I did a head unit and shortly after that my rear speakers blew out. The coil came apart from the something. So the sound was horrible. And I suffered for 2 years driving like that. No wonder I wasn't really feeling the car anymore. So finally I decided to have it looked into. I went to a local audio shop and they found the speakers were shot. They recommended some Kenwood replacement speakers. I made sure to ask them if these would blow out or if they were stronger than stock. The guy assured me that they would be fine. So with install it came out to $203 for the pair. And now it sounds great. And I enjoy driving the car again. I also looked at doing a subwoofer in the back. He showed me an Alpine S with an amp that would work well with it. I don't want anything to be heard 5 blocks away. I just want something a little more to give me some kick. SO with the sub, amp, install wiring, and everything needed plus install, it comes out to around $450. I think I'll pull the trigger on that in a week or two. I am also looking at installing a backup camera which will be about $250. And I also have to get my heated seats and rear defrost looked at. The heated seats will be about $600. So I guess I'll be giving myself some really cool X-Mas gifts, lol!! Here is the pic of the speakers. They sound really good!!


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Sounds like wonderful Christmas presents :grin:
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