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I have been on for quite a while (Oct 03') and enjoy the interaction between members !!
I don't post a whole lot but when I do, I believe it's important!! Only 85 posts there in 5 years!!

I am a huge GM fan and stock holder!!:) Hope to get to know all of you better in the coming months as our pony car comes back to the scene!!

Future 2010 RS/SS 6speed LS3 owner!!:roxor: Let the pony car wars begin!!

I own a 2002 Z28 rated at 310 hp! and 340 ft. lbs of Tq and had a stock quarter mile time of with 2.73 gears and stock tires of 13.6 @ 104 mph not bad for a 3400 lbs curb weight car and then a (:)eek: 300 lb driver myself! :eek: ))

I believe the new base V8 LS3 camaro should get in the high 12's and the Z28 topdog in the high 11's from the factory!! That's awesome performance from the showroom floor to your local drag strip. If these cars which most owners do modifications to, we can expect 10 sec quarter mile times and nearly 130 mph trap speeds!! Man I can't wait to eat some snakes,mustangs, and pigs called Challengers!!:lol:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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