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Would like to thank the guys here at for making this forum for both the movie and the car that will be staring in it. The 5th gen Camaro better known to some as Bumblebee.
This forum will be about the movie, Autobots vs. Decepticons transforming into vehicles we know and love.
The Camaro's rival will be none other than a Saleen Mustang. We will see a Pontiac Solstice, a Hummer rescue vehicle and a Kodiak GMC truck. Along with Optimus Prime the leader as a Semi Truck.
So come on in and if your a Transformers fan visiting this site. Say hello and get to know the stars of the movie a little more as you will see these cars on the street. If you have information about the movie please let us know. We would love to hear about it. Especially if its about our favorite yellow Autobot. ;) :popcorn:
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Well, I just got back from FINALLY seeing the **** thing.

All I have to say is..if it was any more badass I would have lost bladder control.

Even though the family behind my dad and I were very annoying..talking without even whispering during the first part...hitting my chair..and the kid behind me sounded like he was munching on bricks it was so loud. Thank God they eventually shut up.

And watching all those big bots fighting makes me want to try to install Metal Fatigue :(.

Times like those call for a plasma cannon blast or a transforming Nokia. :D
Or just a He-man Bitchslap. :D

EDIT: Was it just me..or did that nokia have a gatling gun for a crotch?

They had a little too much fun making that guy.

Shame he was a evil little bastard, too.

Just imagine what a MOTOROLA would be like!

American phone!

It would have been decidedly more badass, too.

However..put a Nokia N-Gage in'd just commit suicide because that's how bad it is. :p

Which one would be the good guy and which one would be the bad guy?

I was talking RAZR vs KRAZR :p.

But yah, that crotch cannon is something to look out for. Unless the Motorola has chest-cannons.
Yes, plural.
wink wink nudge nudge.

Yah, I just realized all the transformers were guys....

Shame Jazz got totally owned, though.

Eww, pink crotch-rocket. Get a Harley in there then we'll talk.
I liked having all (except optimus prime) of the good guys being GM vehicles.

Since when did Ford own a part of Harley? I never heard of such treachery!

I figured that was just a licensed thing Ford did to sell more F-150s from time to time.

Well, atleast it's not owned by part of Toyota or anything.

In other news, I would have cried if GM decided to partner with Nissan...

Eh, Buell I'm ok with. Atleast it's an american crotch-rocket :D.

Watch her be in some sort of huge, burly biker-suit. Just to piss you off.

Nah, I mean Megan Fox in a big burly biker-suit. Huge baggy thing.

I want the girl I used to work with, I still see her at church on sundays..she's even better looking than Megan Fox, seriousness.

umm pics..with a statement like that..yea pics.. ;)
Her facebook randomly shut down around no pics. :(

1 - 16 of 65 Posts
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