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ight yall, traded wheels on the fourth, stepped down a size, but well worth it SOOOOO much easier to keep clean!!!!

i love how these wheels..... give the car a darker side:roxor:

i traded with the ws6 sitting beside my z in the pic, which used to be owned by chris96ws6

now my plans........:D

-ss hood/spoiler
-a one inch front drop, replace the rear spring insulators with garden hose:screwy:
- rattle can the "grille" or by a mesh insert
-turn signal covers
-and headlight covers or whistler mod........

i need input:hello:

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Wheels look great, mean.
Mods are gonna look awsome.
I would def go with whistler over headlight covers though. IMO the headlight covers make the headlights look huge/bug eyed.

What do you mean about how your doing your grille?
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