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Hello to all...I am new to the site and just had time to sit down and join the ranks of those at What an amazing site! I have followed this site and never spent the time to write...but I made it a point now to take the time! Keep up the outstanding work...btw, does anyone know if the Camaro will be at Daytona? I'm heading up there for the races as I am stationed just down I-95 and was wondering if anyone had heard if it would be there.
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Welcome! I love the avatar! That's my first color choice now. :)

This thread has the most information that I have seen about where the cars are:
Welcome to the forum. Feel free to join in.:hello:
:hello: Welcome! Going to Daytona? Spit on all the Nascar Camrys for me!:D
Welcome to the site! :)

I have not heard anything about Daytona yet, but if it will be there, you're at the right place to find out as soon as possible! :)
Welcome from Utah!
:hello: and welcome, from Michigan :)
Welcome to :5go:

I like the avatar as well, reminds me of the Commerative Corvettes :D

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Greetings from Tampa, welcome to the site. :D
just like to say I'm new to this site although I have visited many time and enjoy reading everyones post I like the rest of the Camaro loving world am sitting and waiting like the rest of you I love all the comments on what everyone believes will be an option on our cars whether they are right or wrong its the excitement and anticipation that keeps us all feeling like teenagers again waiting for the coolest car we can remember to hit the local dealerships I look forward to getting to know everyone on here......
Hello and welcome to the site both of you.:hello:
Thanks to all!

Thank you for the welcome aboard!:hello:
Thank you for the welcome aboard!:hello:
Hey Chief, do you have a full size of that avatar that you can post here, please :)
Hey Chief, do you have a full size of that avatar that you can post here, please :)
I'll have to zip it if you want it, buddy. It's a 105 kb (1280 X 1024) and too big to post here.
I PM'd you with an email address, that should be easier.

Welcome :hello: :patriot:
Hello and welcomz from TN!
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