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Nickey Chicago "The original Super Car Headquarters" will offer a Turbo Charged version of the 2010 Nickey Super Camaro.

We built the ultimate 4th generation Camaro Super Car with 1,200hp and we will continue the tradition with the 5th generation 2010 Camaro.

We will have a Stage II Turbo option as well as a Stage III Turbo Option.

It will be called the Stage II FLP Turbo or The Stage III FLP tt (Twin Turbo).

FLP (Finish Line Performance in Naperville Illinois) is certainly one of the ultimate Hi-Performance tunning shop in the country. They have built some wild and bad ass cars from scratch and we have been working with them for many years. They were also involved with our 2002 1,200hp 4th generation 427 C5R twin turbo Camaro, project.

FLP is currently developing and working on a Bright Red, white Stripe, 427ci based, Nickey FLP tt. This will be serial number #001. This Stage III Super Car will be a no excuses performance car designed to take on and better all of the competition.

Jim Baldino, the company C.E.O states, " We have been annihilating the competition for decades and we have made many friends and customers by fulfilling their performance needs and desires.

Thus, teaming up with Nickey Chicago to build the ultimate turn key Super Camaro was a natural progression for our business."

If you have any questions regarding this project or would like to get on the list for a production spot please contact Dan or Mitch at;

24137 111th St. - Unit M
(111th & Hywy 59)
Naperville, IL 60564 or
[email protected]

Named Best Tech & Tune Shop in the Midwest!

The 2002 Nickey Super Camaro Stage III 427C5R tt.


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