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CADILLAC’S decision not to produce a righthand
drive version of its bahn-storming CTS-V
has been described as “a tragedy” by General
Motors vice-chairman Bob Lutz, but the
product czar has suggested that Holden Special
Vehicles could be contracted to produce a
turbocharged V6 in lieu of a V8.
Speaking to the Australian media in Detroit
earlier this month at the unveiling of the V8-
powered version of the compact Cadillac CTS
sedan, Mr Lutz blamed its production limitations
on a lack of space in the engine bay.
“When we put the 6.3-litre V8 engine and
put all the plumbing in we ran out of real estate
(under the bonnet),” Mr Lutz explained. “And
it is a tragedy. Australians are going to be
GM is on record for stating that all future
Cadillac products will be devised in both leftand
right-hand drive styles.
CTS chief engineer Elizabeth Pilibosian
backed up Mr Lutz’s explanation. A veteran of
three decades with GM, she told GoAuto that
there was simply no more room for the modifi ed
engine and its auxiliary components to fi t when
switched from left to right-hand drive.
“It just couldn’t be done,” Mrs Pilibosian
said. “And believe me, we tried.”
However, Mr Lutz did not rule out the
possibility of a locally modifi ed version of the
CTS, suggesting that HSV might be up to the
job to provide a viable alternative.
“Local suppliers will probably fi gure out
how to do a turbocharged version of the V6
– which is pretty easy,” he hinted. “You can get
your 500bhp that way.
“You can talk to HSV – I’m sure they will be
able to knock up a little something.”
HSV managing director Scott Grant told
GoAuto this week that the Aussie go-fast
division would consider Cadillac models but
it “currently has no plans” to produce a highperformance
derivative of the CTS.
“However, as part of our brief to scour the
General Motors world for new technologies
to introduce to the Australian marketplace, we
would not rule out evaluating Cadillac product
in the future, for inclusion in the HSV range,”
he said.
Cadillac is also expected to develop a CTSV
version of the Coupe that was unveiled at
the North American International Auto Show
in concept car form, as well as the still-secret
CTS wagon. However, like the sedan, these too
will probably only be built in left-hand drive
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