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November 2010 Member/Car of the Month: ENVY!!

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Congratulations Envy for being November's Member/Car of the month here on!

Thanks JoSSh, I am extremely honored to be selected as the November Member/Car of the Month. I would like to thank the many members who nominated me, and everyone who voted for me. It has been such a thrill each month just to be included among the many members who have contributed so much to this site. So winning the title this month has just been icing on the cake.

Ok let’s get started with a few questions.

What got you started with your love for the Camaro?

I was 16 when I bought my first Camaro. It was a gold ’71 with a black vinyl top and leather interior. It was the second car I purchased, after having totaled my first. Since I was on my own and didn’t have much money all I could afford was the Camaro which had been badly wrecked. Although the engine ran great, it was missing the right front fender, a headlight, hood hinges and many more things to numerous to list. Over the next few years, several of my friends and later my husband helped me piece the car back together again. I always enjoyed working on her. I was saving money to paint her when I wised up and took a look underneath at the undercarriage and that’s when I saw all the rust. She had originally come from New York and it showed. After a lot of crying, I made the decision to sell her and I moved on. For whatever reason, I have never tinkered with or worked on another car until now.

What’s the story behind your 5th gen?

When I saw the 2006 Camaro concept car, I knew I would have to have one. Since money was tight, I took on an extra job and started saving for my Camaro. Being a used car kind of girl, I had originally planned on buying a used SS and having it painted. That was the plan until the Synergy Green Special Edition was released. Once I saw it in person, I was hooked. I tried for several weeks to purchase my SGM with no luck until the night of April 22. A salesman at the Chevy dealership five minutes from my house called and said that a SGM A6 had just arrived on the truck and was I still looking for one. I arrived at the dealership two minutes later and saw Envy for the very first time. I didn’t actually buy her until the next day but later that evening, out of the blue, the wheels started turning in my head and I stayed up all night searching the internet for things that would make Envy special. I had never modified a car before in my life, so I had no idea were this strange urge was coming from. By dawn, I had the bright idea to spend all the money that I had saved up to buy Envy on modifying her instead. I have never regretted that decision for a second and I happily know that the madness will never stop, with many, many more mods to come in the future.

How did you come across and what made you stick around?

As I mentioned before, the wheels started turning in my head the minute I decided to buy Envy. I came across that first night while doing a search on carbon fiber hoods. Some of the great photoshops created by our talented members are what inspired the vision that would become Envy. I stick around because I love the everybody knows each other atmosphere and I really enjoy all the different personalities. Not to mention that the site itself has been a never-ending source of information on all that is Camaro.

Finally do you have anything you’d like to say to members or anyone else reading this interview?

First, I want to thank all the people at GM who put so much time, thought and effort into creating the ultimate modern muscle car. The 5th Generation Camaro really is everything that a Camaro was originally meant to be. Envy truly is my friend and companion.

Next, I would like to thank each and every site member who has shared their ideas and their knowledge and freely expressed their opinions, because it is you guys that make this the best Camaro site and the place that I am proud to call home.

I would also like to say a very special thank you to member, Jinx, whose awesome photoshops inspired me to see my Camaro as more than just a car, but as a blank canvas on which to paint my own personal vision.

And of course, I can’t forget to thank my never-say-no GM dealer, Mark Ackerman, who worked tirelessly to help me with every detail that went into creating Envy because without him she would not exist.

And finally, to all of you out there that are still thinking about getting your first Camaro, I urge you to hurry up and take the plunge. You’ll be glad you did!

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Congrats Envy great write up :thumbsup::thumbsup:
great story !! never a bad choice thanks for sharing congrats !!!
congrats...welcome to the club.:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
Thanks so much everyone. :5go:

I apologize in advance...but like any proud mom...I can't help but get out my wallet and show you a few more pictures of my baby.

The interview pics don't really show her off and were later deleted here are some of my favorite pictures of Envy.

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congratulations Envy!
Excellent write up and great photos! Many congrats! Your car looks amazing. How do you keep her so clean?
Congrats to you ENVY. or at least to your owner. You go girl!!! As i said before-I loves me a woman who knows more about a car than just how to turn the key. You've made some very classy mods to your baby and it shows. BTW I like your new avatar--- Very Classy!!! :thumbsup::thumbsup:
CONGRATS!!! Like every Camaro I see..they are truly breathtaking. Yours happens to be exceptionally GORGEOUS!! You did a great job with her!! Enjoy!! ;)
Congrats Girl I'm glad you got picked "Envy looks better every time !".
The interview was very nice, its great to know our members & to hear their story's.:5go:

Thx JoSSh for your hard work & time.:thumbsup:

Looking forward to next month.:thumbsup:

:bigparty:The all new Convertible !, Welcome to the Fleet !:bigparty:

Congratulations Envy, awesome job with the pics. I hope you get to enjoy her for many years to come.

Be well!
Congrats Envy! Glad things worked out for you.
Might want to choose your words more carefully than using "classy" to describe Envy, maroluvr.
Congratulations, I knew I could count on you to be a d**k. :thumbsup:

Didn't your mother teach you what to do if you don't have anything nice to say? :rolleyes:

Go back to your bat cave DkKnight, it's my party and you weren't invited. :p
Congratulations! Excellent story and you do have an amazing Camaro!
(CONGRATS) great looking Camaro.:thumbsup:
Congratulation, Envy looks smoking hot! You've done a great job with her.
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