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OEM RS Left Headlamp, AAC LED Bulbs, SLP ZL Spoiler for sale

Have following items to sell. Please PM me with any questions or if you'd like to see more pics of a certain part.

-SLP ZL Edition rear spoiler It has 1 broken off mount screw that is inside the spoiler and 1 mounting screw that spins when installing the factory bolt but it will bolt down. The spoiler still mounts to the car fine as I've had it installed on my car for the past 3 months. These sell new from SLP for $300 plus shipping as can be seen on eBay. $150 shipped

- OEM RS HID Drivers side headlamp, has few broken mounting tabs but have all the pieces that were broken off, headlamp is in working condition as seen in pic below. $125 shipped.

- Set of AAC Non-RS LED Foglight Bulbs, both are in good working condition and light up Blue, these sell new for $75-$99 selling this set for $30 shipped
- Set of 3 new SLP ZL edition ZL1 Emblems $30 shipped
- 2012-2014 Drviers side door pull $20 Shipped
- 2010-2011 passenger side door pull $20 Shipped


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