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Official pictures of the LS9!

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Is GM trying to build an engine that would literally jump out of the car?:screwy::roxor::eek::lol:
That engine in a 5th gen Camaro would make a sweet ZL1 :D
That engine in a 5th gen Camaro would make a sweet ZL1 :D
I'll do that or the LS7 in a Z28 or whatever the V8 sport package is offered.
Since the ls-7 is dead after the 08 Z06, I would guess this motor, or the non-intercooled version(ls-8) will find itself into our flagship Camaro. Be it a Z-28 or ZL1 in late 08 or early 09. I'm guessing 40-45k for price? Any higher bids?? So let it be written, so let it be done...
if u ask me, i say it was about time:D
once these sc ls motors are released, never again will i have to put up with
the slobra guys bs about
sc, stock forged internals, 1000 hp on stock motor, etc. etc.
Sounds like a monster of a motor, but aesthetically speaking... I hate plastic covered motors.
It would be one hell of a sleeper for the uninformed. Paint over the supercharged and you wouldn't be able to tell from that. Oh god I can see one of those in my new Camaro, my current camaro, my GTO, a 69 Nova, Fiero, etc etc. Boy if I ever win the lottery I'd have a garage full of LS9 vehicles!
Yes, engine covers are pretty easily removed. :)
That engine would make a nice powerplant for the Camaro. Although I doubt it would happen.
Pretty looking motor but honestly if I ever get the money for a 5th gen camaro and it comes with a supercharged option I would probably not get it. You figure a supercharged camaro is going to be at least $10,000 above whatever the 2nd highest camaro. I would rather get a camaro with the standard engine or the biggest NA available and spend the extra $10k on an aftermarket supercharger which you know will probably be faster anyway. This is moot if a supercharged camaro comes with a bigger engine, but if corvettes come 6.2L NA and 6.2L SC I would but the NA and blow it myself.
Problem is that after the NA motor is modded every mod after that will be small compared to a modded factory SC motor. The SC engine will prolly be at least at 8.5:1 compression versus the 10.5:1 NA version; so I wouldnt bet on the NA under boost. Safe boost prolly be at 8psi (or 10psi with water meth and intercooler) and the bottom end will be on borrowed time. SCing a NA engine is fine if the goal is to match a factory stock SC camaro, but not worth it if the goal is to beat one mod for mod after SCing.

I rather pay the 10k for a SCed camaro than to supercharge one on my own with a NA car.

-6k for at least a centi-type SC
-1k for a good blower cam and valvetrain upgrade
-1k minimum for tune/dyno time plus tuning products
-who know for fuel upgrades (engine may be DI)
-labor cost if you are not wrench happy

With all of that and you still have a stock NA bottom end under more stress now than it was designed for.

If a SCed camaro is only 10k over the nearest NA 6.2L camaro, I would go for that.

-$300 pulley
-2k in exhaust

With this I think it will be doin more for the money. Easier too.
Plus if more is needed, ported OEM SC, a KB (if made for it), or a centi-type (with NA intake/or FAST intake... I hope) can be upgraded to for a little less than a SC kit for a NA motor. If money isnt an object and hardcore is your bag then turbocharging is the ticket. But in the end I would bet on a low compression SC engine over a high compression SC engine; even if both were with non-forged rods and pistons. But Im sure GM is smart enough to have a forged bottom end on the SC version.
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Ah I have a 78 camaro, not too familiar with the LS engine family, did not realize it was that expensive. Good lord. I did expect the compression to be diffeent, I just kind of ignored that fact. Does anyone have info on the LS9's compression ratio?
Thats not just for the LS family, GM engines, but every engine. Hell I can supercharge my Mustang GT to run with a stock 03 Cobra; but all a Cobra owner has to do is add a pulley and bolt-ons and the outcome will by far different and I can do nothing about because im tapped out in the safe range of the stock NA internals. Yes, I could up the boost but even if my bottom end could handle the power (note, if), detonation and poor drivability will most likely arise.

Im a big sticklier of doing it the right way the first time. Im also a strong believer that forced induced engines are one with its method (turbo/SC), so every part has to be designed for each other (low compression, forged internals, FI cam, exhaust). For example: Try running a 03 Cobra without S/C (capped of course with a DOHC NA intake/ exhaust); a V6 Mustang would out perform it. So it goes both ways. NA engines are not designed for boost and FI engine are not design for NA. Dont get me wrong, if running near a 6.2 SC powered car with a originally NA 6.2 powered car is the goal, then by all mean do. Thats what small trim superchargers/turbos are for. But screw the idea of strapping on a ATI F-1 on a stock block NA 6.2; but on a factory SC 6.2 stock block (with an intake) is an hell yes.

Here's a little good read on the LS9 to get an idea:

Its a lot more than just a S/C on a LS3.
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I hate plastic covered motors.
On the new Malibu, they refer to that as "an Acoustical Cover"

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