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From John Fitzpatrick, Camaro Marketing Manager:

The Camaro Marketing Team realizes there is a lot of excitement and anticipation regarding the upcoming 2010 Camaro reveal. We understand the desire to get as much information about the new Camaro as possible; however, the IDL (Inter-Distance Learning) Broadcast is a private GM to Dealer training activity. Only GM and Dealership employees are authorized to view the telecast.

Please do NOT visit a dealership and ask to view the broadcast.

If you worry that you'll miss something, don't! :)

You'll find out very soon that there will be plenty of information available on Monday, July 21, on the new 2010 Camaro.
The official reveal will take place on 7-21-08 at 4PM, EDT
....and you'll find that information right here on! :thumbsup:
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