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since we know that the camaro will be offered with the ls and lt models, i did some research at edmunds and looked at the malibu models (ls, 1lt, 2lt) and assuming that gm holds to the same basic format for the models and options, the lt model should be pretty much loaded: leather (possibly leather/suede or leather/micro fiber cloth combo) heated front seats, polished aluminum wheels; most of the options that i would want.

the premium between the 1lt malibu and 2 lt is approximately 2k dollars...for that you get the above options i listed and the 6 speed auto instead of the standard 4 speed.

there's no way to know if gm will use this model but i think they will. the bigger question is what will the prices geuss is the lt model will come in at 24/25k. i can't see the price being much lower based on the content of the car.

06 sts6
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