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Our camaro art work framed.

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Some of these we have had for a while. Yesterday we finally went and bought frames.

This is in the living room behind the sofa.

This one is in the kitchen

This hangs in the master bedroom next to the firehawk clock

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Wall space in general is getting slim.
****, where did you get those? I'd like to get one for my room :D
The wife (sunsethawkselena) brought ain't no muscle like detroit muscle back from the focus group experience. The other pics in the top photo came from chevymall. A freind sent me the middle pic after the vert unvail in jan. The bottom pic I won in the 5thgen anniversary here. You'd have to ask Tim (octane) as to where it came from.
Very nice! I have wall envy. :lol:
nice collection!!
Those look great framed - enjoy bachleorhood :cool:
I want the bottom one, that you won. Tiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmm!!!!! Where can we buy that?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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