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Pick your Camaro color

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In case you missed it in the other thread:

Sweet! :thumbsup:
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Ooooooo, that is sweet. But it's not making the color choice any easier.:rotflmao:
Hey, they have the vert on there now. :roxor:
Hey, they have the vert on there now. :roxor:
They do? Where?

Blue vert with white rally strips. :D
thanks for the pick of color option.
I'm glad someone finally did that. I was asking months ago when it would happen.
They do? Where?
On the bottom "Show Convertible."

They did some fancy photoshopping of the interior of the Vert concept onto there.

Nice. Hmm now I'm just torn between blue and white vert and black and white vert :lol:.
Ahhh, I'm still stuck between the Yellow/black stripe:D , the Lt Red or now the Lt Blue w/blk stripes.
I really like the yellow with the red Z28 on the side. :thumbsup:
Black with either flat black or metallic orange stripes.
I put some different headlights on it:


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I want my lights covered, now! That looks great!
I gotta stick with Yellow lol as for the stripes up the hood hmmmmmm I dunno lol I will get one just plain yellow and may have something done from a painter I know after its in my hands :D then I may just leave it alone !
1 - 20 of 46 Posts
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