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pics of Bumblebee caught for T3

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And a comparison of each version of Bumblebee:
TF1, TF2, TF3, and the Production Transformers Edition.

Pictures from:

im not digging it. Looks like BB went on a Rice diet.

Jay leno frontend not bad
high wing spoiler BLAHHHHHHH
No side gills but a vent Eh
Mustang like stripes on the hood and the roof blah

WTF BB has a onstar antenna :lol: now he cant get lost I guess

The original was the best bar far the 2nd was bad this is just BAD to me.

Looks like a production Camaro is finally being used since it has onstar shark fin.
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I like the front, I like the side vent but I need to see more of the rear treatment.
The hood vents on Leno's ride is due to Twin Turbos.
and heat. I want an AC system for my engine compartment that doesn't weigh anything or use and HP. Sounds like a hood vent.
1 - 2 of 70 Posts
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