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Similar to what we already know, but these are new pictures. :)

G8 Front Suspension

Beneath the surface of the new ZETA platform G8 is a new linear control suspension system and a variable ratio steering rack. The new steering rack is 10% faster than the previous Commodore.

Using Chapman struts with progressive coils, individual control arms with two ball joints the front geometry forms a virtual pivot point.

The steering rack is mounted in front of the wheel to maintain Superior geometry.

Holden Commodore ZETA IRS

The new VE (ZETA Commodore / Pontiac G8) features a multi-link independent rear suspension. Progressive rate coil springs are used in both the front and rear.

It is much improved over the GTO architecture. The G8 suspension is class leading technology that will compete with vehicles sold at much higher prices. Pedders has already completed R&D for this chassis. It is capable of running coilovers at all four wheels. When it arrives in the USA, Pedders we will have complete suspension solutions in stock and ready for installation. Actually, they already have parts in stock in the USA for the G8.

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