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Possible to order an Camaro for import ???

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Hi Guys:hello:

Have a little question;

Is it possible for me to pre-order now an Camaro ? Im sure 100% i will buy one, but i must import the car here to germany, i will "can" not wait one more jear for the european Version in the mittle of 2010. (so im going crazy )
My plan is to import one and hope i become all street legal (TÜV). Hope i can drive the Car in summer 09.
In the next Days i will contakt any import-companys here in Germany and ask for import-prices , but i think the import-companys are not official GM dealer so they can not make me an pre-order :confused:
Is there an way for online Order? I think the import-company needs an GM-Dealer where he can talk with for the order.

Any ideas????

Many Thanks Blacky :patriot:
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When do you get yours. Sep is just around the corner...
:rolleyes:only god knows
(you know, some members have these smileys carrying a sing: your dealer is an idiot...)
my dealer still does not know anything (the last call i gave him was yesterday), in fact he is learning from me all the time
no order codes, no nothing
on the french and italian websites of gm you can find (only after intensive search) some fact-sheets (the french one even has weights and towing capacity of the vert!!!) but still no colours
i have the money piled up here (not at home, in the bank) but i do not get my car, because you cannot order it...
i guess this is due to the fact that in sept 2011 there will be the international autoshow IAA in frankfurt, and they are gonna present it there and after that there will be the official start
the next prob is
the desired car is an L99 vert, rjt (dead, so crystal red claret (supposed not to come for 2012) so ibm (fbodfather himself said it will return)) with tan top and tan int and 20 inch polished wheels
so: will they offer the tan top for the euro spec car, as well as the tan int (i have seen first pics of a tan int of a 2012 my (dashboard changed!) and i love the looks)
so i guess it will be spring 2012 before it is here;)
in the meantime i will keep in contact with the :5go:-community and continue to learn about the car to be able to teach my dealer:lol:
One problem I see with the auto show is once everyone sees the Camaro and then wants one, I beleive there will be a few takers, it will be harder for someone "just a regular citizen" to go and order one. And then the Camaro might be considered a "premium" car and make it harder for you to get one.

I wish you the best and keep us posted....
here the link to the spec chart of chevy france (well: it is in french, but as you know the data, it is clear what they belong to...
That one expensive Camaro....But from having lived over there the cost of everything is much higher than the US. Just to fill up the gas tank your talking 144.00 U.S. each time.
I like those tail lights and the turn signials in the mirrors...
You still going to order your blue one...
Good Picts, when do you get yours..?
Best of luck, hope its soon.
I really like the tail lights, If mine had those I would not do my pending upgrade to the LED's. I really like the look. You really need to pull the triger and get yours. Since you love the HEMI and purchase it out right, why not just to ahead and get yours you will not regret it. IMO...
Totally understand and agree with the tire issue and the warrenty contract issues. I would beleive if a dealer (any dealer) wants to make a sale will do what ever is needed. A question about the tires and german law, I understand the requirement and agree, but when I was stationed there in 94-96 no one said anything to us service members stationed there that there was a requirement for winter tires, Now saying that I was driving a truck at the time and had truck tires that were all season. Never had any issues. I was at Spangdahlem near the Trier.
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