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Post your 3rd gens!

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Since there is a thread for the 4th gens, we should have one for the thirds...

89 IROC - my first car.
L98 non-G92

91 Z28 - my 4th Camaro.
L98 G92 (w/o J65 rear disc - rare)
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1992 Camaro Z28/Anniversary HERITAGE Edition/ 5.0L TPI/Auto - First Car

1988 Trans Am GTA 5.8L (355 TPI) / Auto - Currently Resting In Garage.
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250k Miles? Hell yeah, I hate when people give the 305 crap.
Kids around here think Chevy sucks so that's were I'm getting my statement from.
So the thirdgen forum mod...returns? Hmmm... I'll let you know...I'm aiming for your job. :D
I guess I'm a little more old school, I rather have a built 350 or 305. I know the ls1 is beastly, but to each his own.
That's because you've never experienced real power ;)
True to a point. My Camaro is the fastest car I've ever driven, However I've ridden in my "uncles" '87 Firebird Formula with 10 sec 327 between it's legs. That is real power btw, it's carbed. ;) I think I can say I've experienced real power...from the passenger seat anyhow.

However, regarding LSX swaps, I like to be different. I chose the slow 80s american muscle path instead of joining the 90s tuner outbreak. If I wanted to be the same, I would grab a LS1 and put it in...I have the money...sorta :lol:, but I much rather have a Vortec 305TPI or something. Just personal preference...and bank account. :lol:
Ouch, that's gotta suck.

I have too many stories of people hitting me to tell.
I rather have a 305 with Corvette L98 heads than a 350.

Pleas stop ruining the board with your garbage posts.


BTW: I have no problem handing Hondas their asses, you on the other hand, better bring a bible.
Let's figure this out.

Honda civic hatchback 170hp weight is 1500-1700

Camaro 170 hp 3300lbs do the math kid.

Plus you said your car is running lean and getting 30mpg if that's the case you aren't making 170.

I'd have better luck explaining this dog..

You give 3rd gen owners a bad name...
Please do your research. No way in hell does a honda civic way less than a Lotus or anything else of that nature. Most honda hatches weigh 2300+

....and 2300lbs meaning stripped and only 2 seats.
2,000 pounds... with 70hp and 90 torque.

Wow... we are talking some serious speed here.
Here is my 88 iroc. Just restored last year.

That is one of the sickest camaros I've ever seen. AMAZING!

Minus ttops :angry:
built before 2010 came out, and hi time of the movie, here are my pics in clear coat needing final sand and polish, craig
What did you do to your taillights? I like them.
My 91 convertible came back for a visit last week while I was working on Project hugger 3G. It was like a 3rdGenarama at my place:lol:

I want to be you.
I like the camaro banner at the top, idk why.
I don't think that is a Heritage Edition car. The grille would of been body-color matched, and the wheels would of had teal accents.

I've never heard of a teal heritage car. I know GM added purple/silver and green/gold as color options a little bit later but I don't think teal/silver.

EDIT: Double checked and that's no heritage edition. Bummer. :eek:
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