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Post your 3rd gens!

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Since there is a thread for the 4th gens, we should have one for the thirds...

89 IROC - my first car.
L98 non-G92

91 Z28 - my 4th Camaro.
L98 G92 (w/o J65 rear disc - rare)
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Well after 10 months of work, she's finally worthy of a public appearance. Took it out to it's first show and got a couple of nice pictures as well as a great general response.

91RS frame with all the parts from my wrecked 92 Z.
Fastburn 385 (385 hp/385 ftlbtq) Custom Hounds tooth interior. Delco Bose 6 speaker cd stereo, 140 mph speedo w/ white face. J&M lca's, Eurathane bushings, 4 wheel discs, Lakewood subframe connectors, 3" flowmaster exhaust. Goodyear Eagle T/R's up Front, Eagle F1's on the rear.

Everything looks stock except the color and when you open the hood you see my Hedman Headers

A shot with the Grand Parents

68 RS/SS 4spd A/C Convertible 295hp 350 - USA FUN,
92 Z28 25th Anniversary Fastburn 385hp 350 - RSKY BZ,
91 Z28 Convertible 190hp 305 - OPENZ (Gone but not forgotten)

02 WS-6 Blackbird 380hp LS1- SR71 (1 of 2 produced!)
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My 91 convertible came back for a visit last week while I was working on Project hugger 3G. It was like a 3rdGenarama at my place:lol:

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My poor 92 Z28. T-boned a guy in a mini-van who turned left in front of me. 10/16/08. Anything Z28 went into Project Hugger 3G.

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22 year old Granparents?


2009-1969 = 40 yr old grand parents. 2ndGen parents were away for the weekend :lol: :lol:

we're talkin car years here, not people or dog years:mullet::rotflmao:
1991 - 1969 = 22 "car years". Therefor, while the 1969's are now 40 years old, that 1991 is 18 years old. 40 - 18 = 22. Math FTW.
Sure 22yr old grand parents. 3rdGen(Kid), 2ndGen(Parents), 1stGen(Grand Parents) or Great Grand Parents of 4thGens or Great, Great, Grand Parents of 5thGens. I wasn't the one who started this "Generation" thing, just trying to go with it.
They're different, but they give it that period look.
ZR1's look great on these cars. It's the only other wheel I've considered for ol' Project Hugger 3G.
Sharp Tealmobile. Welcome.:thumbsup:
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