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D1x procharger
Stage 2 intercooler
Race blowoff valves
Lt4 fuel injectors & high pressure fuel pump
Jms pump voltage booster
Tcm & Ecm unlocked by hptuners.

Hey guys I need some help, I own a 2019 Camaro 2ss with the current mods above. After the installation I started having different codes for like U0140-00 (lost communication with control module) C0800-03 (control module power circuit low voltage) (P0507 idle control system rpm higher than expected)
Those codes cleared after a few trips back to the tuner. Now I'm having a different sets of problems after upgrading to the LT4 fuel system with the jms booster. Now I'm getting voltage issues, I was told this can be because my alternator is going bad so I bought a new one and had it installed and that seems to clear out the other codes I was having. But the car is still going to Limp mode with these new codes that showed up from nowhere P00ca-00 (fuel pressure regulator high control circuit high voltage) P129c-00 (fuel pump driver control module system voltage high voltage)... also after the Procharger install
The rpm would spike up and the car would jerk me forward aggressively when coming to a complete stop. I tried to upload videos but it wouldn't let me. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I've thrown so much money into this car I just want it to drive properly


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