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Production Date confirmed, and more...

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Ah, another tidbit coming straight from the horse's mouth. :)

Bob Boniface, a head designer at GM involved with Camaro, shared a tidbit about production details at the Camaro Superfest earlier this month:

October 2008 is the month when approximately 30 Camaros will first roll off the assembly line, and in the following months they will continue to ramp up production until the January 2009 release.
Although engine sizes are a secret, tenatively there are three engines set to be in the lineup for the initial release: 2 V6s and 1 V8.
Horsepower numbers are not known.

October 2008!
And so the countdown begins! :D :thumbsup:

Please keep in mind that this was NOT a press release, nor any kind of official word from GM.
Just a couple tidbits passed along by a designer on the project. :)
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so it sounds like a lower cheaper v6....a slightly faster v6 with some nice exterior changes....and the beautiful v8 :D
This sounds good. I enjoy numbers. Thank you GM for settling the engine option number question.

A turbo v6 maybe??? RS maybe???
OCt 2008..NICE!!

A turbo v6 maybe??? RS maybe???
Direct injection Turbo V6???

But I hope it is a RS with maybee the 2008 CTS's 300 HP engine??:rotflmao:
I think most of those 30 cars or so cars will be used for Gm commercial uses. Magazine test cars, crash test( oh god), and promotional purposes. If they are directly going to the public, those are the ones that will go for over 40k. I bet we will see some guy on here with one of the first 30 to get his leg humped (wish i had a smilie for that). lol.
ahh i was hoping for 2 v8 and 1 v6 lol oh-well
wow, so only 1 V8? Interesting....

I wonder if it's going to be an SS or Z28, or just a non-badged V8, then maybe later they'll come out with SS/Z28/?
this is exactly how all cars are launched at GM and other car companies..
cars start rolling off the production line 3 or so months before they hit the showrooms.
these cars are used to fine tune and approve every aspect of the car
Wow, what great news!!! As far as the single V-8, I'm wondering, will it be one V-8 period? Or One V-8 tuned but to different horse powers ie: LS3 400hp( Maybe less), 450, and SC 500hp? Could that be possible? Or would they be starting out with the Base V-8 followed by more later in production?
Grrrr thats still too far away!! Good to see they at least have a date of production.
Awesome news! One V8, huh? Two V6's...GM is making a right move, imo. With everybody crunching down on Gas effeciency and all, this won't hurt GM's "Green" approach. One V8 was specified, but I wonder if their will be more than one version of the V8. Perhaps one supercharged :cool:, the other normally aspirated. Time will tell. Thanks for the great info Octane! :D

Boniface hasnt really had anything to do with production camaro's design

i guess when the car comes out everyone will be claiming they designed it
Glad to finally hear some concrete dates!
Nice high-tech display on the head page there octane.
According to MSN are the specs on the direct injected V6 in the new CTS:
304 @ 6400 RPM
273 @ 5200 RPM
It's peak torque is reached at like 2100 more rpm than the normal 255hp V6. I'm guessing this sucker is meant to be high RPM.

im glad to hear some concrete news. October is my b-day :) sux i dont plan on buying it the first year. im thinking 2 v-6's as like GM did before, one v-6 a 3.8 and another a 3.4. and one v-8. im sure the v-8 will have different trim options and im also thinking the bigger v-6 will be the RS and the smaller be the base Camaro. i can see a z-28 option and a SS option since GM is making all their cars SS. just my thoughts
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