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Programming Keyless FOB HELP

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I have a 2010 Camaro SS and I had to replace my FOB, which was the only one that I had. My keys are separated from it due to the factory recall. is there anyway I can program this keyless FOB myself? Or does that HAVE to be done at the dealership?
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Depends. Does the old fob still allow the car to be started? If so, you can start the car with the old one, wait 30 sec, turn the car off, immediately place the new fob near the ignition switch and start the car again and wait 30 sec before shutting it off. Some material says you can just turn to the "on" position instead of starting but I had a friend that actually had to start the car for it work....

If the old fob is not recognized by the car at all, you are screwed and need to have it programmed by the dealer or if you can find a locksmith that has the component to do it....
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Here, maybe this will better clarify. So you can visually see that the FOB is not attached to the key, which made me title this thread Programming Keyless FOB HELP
No clarification needed. Even with a separate key and fob, the car still "looks" for the fob when you go to start it for security reasons. And as long as the old fob allows the car to be started then you can program the new one yourself in the manner I described....
So is the car starting contingent upon a FOB being present, rather than the key itself functioning with the internals of the black case? I have no current working FOB, thus the problem arising that I need to program this one. I'm looking for something like the old school on off remove radio switch key button on FOB sequence type of thing. If no such thing exists then I will have to take it to the dealer or a locksmith.
Well, I have never been in the position you are or thought to try starting the car without the fob in the car. Try it, that will answer some questions.... If the car starts without the original fob in the car then it sounds like the new key houses what is needed for the security check and that is what your car is now programmed to accept. Which would then prohibit you from programming a new fob yourself....
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