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First want to thank the guys of Proven Power! Great people who went out of their way for me.

First two runs were all motor and Jeremy was getting the a/f mixture correct and I picked up 7 rwhp and 10 ft lbs of torque.

Next was the nitrous runs and from the start we had bottle pressure issues. The psi should be between 900-1100 psi. The bottle warmer for some reason was not working so all we had was 750psi. After the first pull the car was running waaaay to rich so we figured that we would put a smaller fuel pill to compensate for the lack of nitrous pressure.
The second run had the same issue way to rich so we removed the bottle and opened it up and all that came out is pure air.

Heading to see Shaun tonight to fill the bottle again and fix the issue with the bottle heater.

Here's the one run on the spray but it only about a 50 shot. Only put down 383/449 to the wheels.

Going back to the Dyno next week to spray the full 150 shot.

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