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Provoq-ative Caddy: Cadillac Provoq concept covers futuristic powertrain in contempor

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Just because it has rocket science under the hood doesn't mean Cadillac's Provoq fuel-cell concept wouldn't look as if it belongs in your garage today.

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Eh, looks ok, but they should have used the existing CTS (hottest car out right now) for introducing the fuel cells to society. I think it would go over better in a sedan than an SUV. JMO
I'm surprised, I actually like how that looks.
It's not bad looking, I just meant it's not WOW. It just looks like every other SUV out there, or even the discontinued one that Caddy has now. And that was an expensive ride, can't imagine how much they would have to charge for one that was alternatively fueled.
You mean the SRX? It is still in production.
My mom has a 2007 SRX and she loves it, the '07 face-lift made a world of difference!
I thought I heard somewhere that they were canceling it. Oh well.
You're right though, SRX doesn't have much future left.
I believe it ends production after MY2009.
I'm actually glad it looks normal. Those "futuristic" teardrops with 4 wheel fender skirts that some manufacturers have created are STUPID LOOKING. I have 2 questions, though. 1) What happens to the opening and closing grille feature after cruising from Omaha to Kansas City in your typical ice/freezing rain/ snow storm? I'm thinking they might be prone to problems re-opening! 2)How are manufacturers going to prevent a 10,000 PSI hydrogen storage tank from rupturing in a serious auto accident? That may cause some major problems.:eek: Just food for thought.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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