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For those of you who don't know, I work at a vet and work with a pet rescue. Here is my latest story:

I fostered Melaine (Miley) and her three siblings when she was just a puppy, about 12 weeks old. She was adopted quickly by a couple and her two girls. Here is a picture from right before she was adopted:

Well, 5 months later (about a month ago), she was returned. :( The couple broke up shortly after they adopted Melanie (they named her Miley ... she responds to Miley). The woman, who kept the puppy, then lost her house for whatever reason. She, her two children and the puppy moved 4 times in that 5 months ... each time staying with a family, their children and resident dog. Her two children ... aka devil children ... were terrible to the pup. They are both special needs (so the ex boyfriend says), but were just terrible to the dog ... threw her around, yanked, pulled, proded, etc. They were never taught how to properly handle the puppy. The mom took pup to basic training at PetSmart, and she passed. She knows "sit" and "paw," we're working on "stay" and "come." However, over the 5 months with that family, she became toy/bone aggressive. Not food aggressive, because she is perfect with a bowl of kibble. But with toys and bones, she gets aggressive when you try and take it away. Why?? In each home, there was a resident dog that was boss. There were two children who constantly took her possessions away. When she would gank food off the table (she was never taught not to), they would yell and take it away. She learned to trust no one with her possessions. Eventually, she got so bad with eating from their plates, they'd just keep her in a kennel ALL day.

So, they returned her to me. Dean and I began working with her, a lot! Giving her bones and toys when she is alone so she can learn that someone/another dog isn't always going to take her things away ... praising her when she does give up a toy/bone/something she isn't supposed to have, etc. We had her for about 2 1/2 weeks before she was adopted again. YAY! .... No. He returned her today, after 2 1/2 weeks with him. Why? It isn't because she is aggressive (he worked really well with her too, she is getting SO MUCH better!) ... it's because he doesn't feel he is being fair to his own dog, spending so much time with Miley! UGH!

So now we have her again. Miley is about 9 months old She is WONDERFUL, really! She loves my two dogs, and even gets along with the cats! She never chases them, and remember ... I have quite a few! ;) She loves to lay on the couch and snuggle, and LOVES to run around like ... a puppy!! She is very affectionate, and very playful. She is current on her vaccines, fecal, heartworm test and has been spayed.

I know most of you aren't interested in another pup, but please .. spread the word! :D Thanks.

(side note -- see the red bone in the first puppy picture? Now look at it again in the third picture! She LOVED that toy the first time I had her, and she still loves it!!)
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