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I had these on my 2010 SS for a bit before I sold it. They have been in the garage since and I am planning to upgrade to the CTS-V kit this summer with ZL1 rotors. I will get pics and more measurements this weekend because they are hard to get to. I took a quick measurement of 29mm which is half of the recommended thickness of 28mm-30mm. This weekend I will make several measurements to each and post the data.

Part Number: 2138 / Size: 355x32mm / Rotor Wt (lbs.): 20.5
Replacement Ring: D403-06-381
Replacement Fasteners Product Code: FK1-10
Replacement Hats: H801-26

The complete set new is $895.00. Replacement rotor rings are $524.11, and replacement hats are ($225.00 each) $550.00, and new fasteners are $83.64.

I am asking $550 plus shipping (which is about $300 for the hats and $250 rotor rings). I am open to offers. The rotor rings obviously have a limited life span but the hats can be used forever. These hats fit the front SS rotor rings and front ZL1 rotor rings.
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