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well, im getting some cash here in about a month and im FINALLY going to be installing my radix magnacharger, I was going to use a 90mm tb, and do a few other things, but I think ill just install the **** thing and get it going. Ive been waiting on buying a fuel pump and injectors, and having money left for the tune.

so here is what i have to install:
mp112 radix maggie
2.9" pulley
belt for complete setup
5.3 drive accessories
Lingenfelter cam
918 springs
hardened pushrods
innercooler water pump

Ill be happy anywhere from 475+
I know there are a few things like exhaust, 90mm jtube/tb that would help, but I can always do those things later...

now I just need to figure out what im going to do about a hood.

next lump I get will get the car painted.
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