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Kraze wheel manufacturer is known for producing crazy-looking rims that are sure to turn heads. These custom wheels bring fabulous design and outstanding reliability. They are engineered to deliver performance, styling, and innovation in all of the designs. Featuring fine craftsmanship and high accuracy, these rims are impeccable in design and rich in detail.

Kraze wheels are fabricated using tough materials to withstand day-to-day wear and tear. The use of leading-edge technologies allows Kraze to make sure these wheels offer excellent performance characteristics. The rims are offered in a wide range of offsets to enable you to achieve the footprint that’s right for you.

If you need advice on fitment or pricing - please call us directly at 888.978.3395!

KRAZE® - 195 MILANO Satin Black

KRAZE® - 194 COSMOS Gloss Black

KRAZE® - 190 LUSSO Gloss Black

KRAZE® - 190 LUSSO Gloss Black with Machined Face

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