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Register for the event here: 2018 ? Redwoods Road Trip | Road Adventures

This years Tree / Coast theme of road tours starts off with one of the classic trips we did in 2013. This time around we are seeing some new sights along with several of the fan favorites. This three day trips is all about seeing the sights as well as enjoying some great roads.

Friday we head out from San Rafael and make stops at several of the well know light houses including Point Raye’s and Point Arena. There will also be a stop in Mendocino to see the shops and grab a souvenir of the first days adventure. Additional stops are Goat Rock State Beach for some stunning Pacific Coast Photos.

Saturday we continue along the coast before heading inland to see the Red Woods including the famous Avenue of the Grants and Lady Bird Grove. This is the get out and explore day so remember your shoes. As this is the “Redwood” portion of the trip, we have to make a stop at a drive through tree for all those adventure seekers.

Sunday is the drivers day with a 146 miles of twisty roads before the lunch stop and saying good byes. This is one heck of a drive and one that should not be missed.

Register for the event here: 2018 ? Redwoods Road Trip | Road Adventures

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