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Remembering 9/11, the 2007 Ride For Pride.

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This event is held in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area...Virginia, Maryland, Washington, D.C.

Well folks, it's time again to get this ball rollin'.

The 2007 Ride For Pride will be held on Saturday, September 8.

For those unfamiliar with this cruise, it's purpose is to remember all who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. It also holds the purpose of expressing our support and gratitude to all the men and women of this nation's armed forces, who right now are ensuring that we have the right, and the freedom, to conduct this event.

This event was conceived in 2002, by D. Charleton, and with the assistance of M. Gonzales and C. Pryce. The first Ride For Pride (RFP) had about 10 vehicles in attendance. This event has grown since then. The 2006 count was 52 vehicles, including members from FBodyHideout, Eastern FBody Association, LS1Tech, FirstStateFBody, HRFBody, LS1GTO, TurboBuicks, and others.

Here is last year's cruise video... ... 2006

So, on with the details.

When: Saturday, September 8, 2007.

Time: RFP will depart at 2:00PM. Some of us will arrive around Noon, to detail cars or catch up with those we have not seen in awhile, etc.

Staging area: Cameron Run Regional Park. 4001 Eisenhower Avenue, Alexandria, Va.

Directions to the staging area: From I 95 North and South, take Exit 174, you will be put onto the Eisenhower Avenue Connector. Make a right turn onto Eisenhower Avenue. Cameron Run Park will be on the left about a half-mile up.

Duration/Distance: RFP will travel 75 to 80 miles, and last about 2 hours.

Route: From Cameron Run Park, we will turn right onto Eisenhower Avenue and proceed to the first traffic light. We will turn left onto the Eisenhower Avenue Connector, and proceed to the first traffic light. We will turn left onto the on-ramp for I 495 East/I 95 North. We will continue around the Capitol Beltway (I 495), into Maryland and then back into Virginia. We will then exit onto I 395 North, and take Exit 8B, heading to the Pentagon. We will take the exit for the Pentagon North Parking, and finish the cruise there.

Afterward: I hope to have a place to eat/relax/chat/etc. lined up for us.

Conduct: No burnouts, No donuts, No racing, we are not at the track. BE RESPONSIBLE. RFP had it's first accident last year, lets not have a repeat.

Vehicles allowed: FBody V6/V8, Mustang/Cobra V6/V8, Corvette, Viper, GTO new and old, GN/GNX/GrandNational, old-school/classic muscle car/hotrod, GM/Ford/Chrysler nameplates, stuff like that. Also consider this statement by D. Charleton from a few years ago ... "It's not like if you show up you'll be turned away."

Please be sure to bring/have an American flag to put on your car, or something to show support for our servicemen/women.

Please be sure you have enough fuel for the cruise. There is a gas station not too far, and I will give directions to any who ask.

This year's cruise has alot to live up to. Please help me make this 'a cruise to remember'. Lets come together and show that we remember what happened on that awful day. Lets come together and show that we support our servicemen/women. Lets come together and show that the 'American-Car-Enthusiast' is more than just that!
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Wow This Seems Like A Nice Event And I Have Never Been to The Capital. I-95 Is A Little Way From My House but It Would Be A Fun Easy Trip.... Please Post More Information so I Can Decide To Take Off Work Or Not.
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