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Hey everyone

I just signed up to the site today and man I am looking forward to seeing these Hot new Camaros ON the street.

A little about me:

Born and raised in Los Angeles, moved about four years ago to Bakersfield, CA. A few months back I ALMOST bought my dream car here in town a few blocks from where I live. I saw the car at a distance and my first thought was "is that a Camaro?" I got closer and yes indeed it was a 1967 Camaro SS in bad need of some fixing up and maintenance.

Found the owner, talked with him for about 20. He was a lil' :screwy: "kookoo"
Told me he wanted to sell it, I said I'd pay him CASH.

By end of week: Transaction did not go through. He didn't realize that I meant business.

Oh well, it happens. I'm not worried though. I know my car will work it's way through to me again.

Has this ever happened to you?

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