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Reproduction Eagle GTs for your 3rd gen!!!

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For those of you that are looking for the factory tire that came on most of the 80s third gens, Kelsey tires has finally got around to offering up the original style Goodyear Eagle GT in the correct size, 215/65/15 ROWL. They're a tad pricey at 325 each (1300 set) retail price, but if you're looking for something to put you over the top on a quality restoration, this is the tire you want. They also have them for the Corvettes in the 255/60/15 series too.

The tires are acceptable for factory appearing stock tire (F.A.S.T.) racing applications and they're made from Kelsey's stickier compound so they should hook better than the original GTs. Just passing it along if you were ever looking for a new set that wasn't 20 years old and $2000 or higher per set.

Kelsey Tires

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Bringing back the memories! But that price is crazy!
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