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I would greatly appreciate Camaro pics (VISUALLY STOCK) from Camaro owners for our Visual Spotter's Guide.

Please note the following requirements.

- MUST be STOCK (The photo's being submitted must be visually stock).
IE. if submitting pictures of the interior, having aftermarket rims won't interfere with the photo. Of course, however if you show the radio console and you have an aftermarket radio showing, obviously we won't be able to accept the picture.

- Pictures must be CLEAR, SHARP, and large in size.. While 1600pixels would be good, the LARGER the better as we can easily target in (crop) on a particular area of the photo.

We will give credit ("Photo Credit : [First and Last name]" ) upon hovering over image) online to those who submit and who's photo's are used in the Spotter's Guide.

Those submitting please either reply with the following, email me [email protected], or PM here in the message board and indicate the following:

1. Year
2. Model
2. Your Name (first and last)
3. What photo's are you including (note below for the type of photo's we are only looking for).

Photo's we are looking for:


- Front
- Rear
- Door Handle
- Wheel
- Headlight
- Taillight
- Engine
- Front Corner 3/4
- Rear Corner 3/4


- Steering Wheel
- Inside Driver Door Panel
- Door Instrument Panel
- Trunk
- Front Driver Seat
- Rear Seats
- Center Console
- Radio
- Front Dash
- Instrument Panel

See what these photo's would be shown on:

Thank you all very much in advance


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supposed to be nice next few days.let me wash it up and ill send some pics
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