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Ride With Pride '09

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First, since I can't find a "What's your ride" post, (I was sure there was one :confused: ) I wanted to introduce you to my baby "Texas Tea", a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS. Here is her most recent pic.

I just got her finished about a month ago. (The end result what your looking at above) The motor is a Chevy 350ci thats been bored 30 over to a 355ci with a Edelbrock Performer RPM intake, Holley 750 cfm carb, Hooker Super Comp headers, Baker built 2:02 camel hump heads, lumpy cam, (I don't
remember the specs :confused: , must be getting late) The intake and headers are JET HOT coated. New dual exhaust with Turbo mufflers. The trans is a Hydromatic 350 with a 2100rpm stall converter. The rear end is the stock 10 bolt non posi-track. That's going to be the next and probably the last thing I upgrade. (But who knows?)

Anyway, as a reward for dealing with me and TT, we took my wife Crystal from Chicago to Los Angeles on the old "Mother Road". Route 66. Yeah Baby. We took a pleasant 2 week trip and met the most amazing people. The Heartland and all. It was during this trip and talking with these people about TT that the discussion always ended up on the new Concept Camaro. One night outside Amarillo, we met a couple other Camaro enthusiasts crusing the Mother Road. We found to our amazement that we all were hearing the "vibe" about the Camaro's return. (And believe me, I've been planin on getting mine for awhile now) All across the Heartland. So it was on that night we decided to organize the "Ride With Pride" tour from Chicago to Los Angeles. (Were hoping to get coverage with Jay Leno, a very big fan of the Concept) Now it would have been nice to finish on Sept.26, 2007 (If we were so lucky) on Camaro's big 30, but were plannin sometime in Sept '09. Her 32 Anniversary. Sweet!

So, that's it in a nutshell. I wanted your feedback. I also plan on being a huge promoter of this site to my other fellow "enthusiasts". Let me know what you all think? Anything at all. Because hey, who better to ask than my fellow brothers and sisters?

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Oh, by the way. The Avatar is my wifes believe it or not. Bought it last year
..........sorry clumsy hands. She named her "Lu Lu" ??? A '67 RS model, and another whole story.

nice collection you got there.... and we do have a section for ur current car.
Very nice. 2 1st gens? I am very jealous! :)

Cool story about going down Route 66, that had to be a fun trip!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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