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Rims on the SS

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I have a good question if I get the SS and all the goodies would the 21 inch wheels make the ride more comfortable? If I go the SS route I will be buying 21 wheels but if all four are 21"s i will trade the dealer for two 20" or two 19" tire. I think it will look ALOT! better so that is what I plan to do.

So back to the original question do rims help or hurt the ride comfort
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The oversized tires were the same width, just taller. P225 75 R15s
The stock is p205 75 r15s.

The axle doesn't spin as fast to get the same speed with bigger it throws everything off.

What does having the wrong size tires have to do with my speedo?

:lol: :lol: :lol: Ow... my eyes! :D
The diameter of the tire has to do with it.
If you don't put about the same size diameter of tire with throw off speedo unless you recalibrate it.
For instance the new SS tires are 275/20 and are 29" in diameter, if you put
18" with a tire that has only 27" diameter your speedo will be screwed up!
Don't forget this will also screw up your odometer. Depending on the electronics, it can srew up shift points as well. I have this problem with one of my other hobby vehicles (See below)

You night have guessed - those tires are a little larger than stock. Anyway, there are a few different fixes possible depending on the vehicle. On some, you can change the gear on the speed sensor (not an option on that year Jeep) You can change your ring and pinion to compensate, you can buy programmers that will compensate, you can buy a tru-speed from superlift, or you can have the dealership change the programming on the vehicle computer. I have no idea what option will work on the new Camaro, but I am sure you can fix it.
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Is there a pic of the polished 20's for the SS

Does anyone have a side by side photo's of the silver and polished 20 " wheels for the SS?:patriot:
i made a post about the SS wheels and the RS wheels, dont think anyone has any ;(
Good luck finding 21" rims, not many made and along with tires too.
If you put bigger rims you will also experience worse gas mileage not that
it might matter since it is a sports car, but now as days with gas so high
it makes a difference. I know I put 18" rims on my daily Impala and my mileage average dropped about 3 miles per gallon.
Uhhhhhh, 21" rims are an option, so they will not be hard to find.

And btw, gas mileage is not really affected unless the total diameter of the TIRE is increased by at least 10%.

Also, if you change your gears to a numerically larger number, then this will negate the affects of a larger diameter.

Ask me how I know.

54" tall tires on a vehicle that came stock with 32" tall tires.

The truck turns the same RPM as when it was stock and the size of the tires has nothing to do with the fact that it gets 10 mpg.

It got that when it was stock.
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I have 245s/255s on my Z28 and my speedo is out of whack. Seeing how they should be 235s.
I have 245s/255s on my Z28 and my speedo is out of whack. Seeing how they should be 235s.
Tire width alone has nothing to do with the correct speedometer reading. It's a combination of the aspect ratio and the section width that will provide you with more contact patch without changing the overall tire height.

Please read this for the necessary info to correct your speedometer's inaccuracy.
I have 245s/255s on my Z28 and my speedo is out of whack. Seeing how they should be 235s.
WOW, what an ignorant post. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

Well I had 295s on my 1992 an no speedo problem!:rotflmao:
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