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Thought I would share this excellent episode I stumbled apon with a 3100 lb 67 Camaro changing to a ls7 with a tunnel ram and bettering a BBC with a blower by having better mileage, driveability, and beating it at the track ending up with 10.07. Reminds me of my good old chevy building days,,wait I still am only with new..... LOL

Yes My 428 made it to Wongs performance engineering in Vancouver and I just have time to breathe as yup its summer and yup he is so busy all my parts are sitting there in a pile waiting for a racing corvette to get of the rack and who knows what else....oh the waits killing me.... Just bought a speed hut obd2 shift light , Acc painted flames ralley stripes and some RS retro lit

You all have a nice day and yes what good would a post be without pictures...... my last engine....

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